Contact Centre Analytics

The process of improving your Contact Centre efficiency by measuring customer satisfaction.

It helps enterprises improve performance and cut costs by analyzing performance through integrated views of data from multiple contact centre systems. From increasing customer satisfaction to providing insights, learning, forecasting and trend analysis, contact centre analytics helps organizations convert their contact centres from cost centres to major profit centres.

CR-X CTI Expert gathers information from multiple technologies found in contact centre operations:

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems and the switches they support
  • Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR) and Voice Recognition Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Predictive Dialers and Auto Dialers
  • Voice Recording and Speech to Text Systems
  • Process Analysis

CTI Expert then organizes that information in the most advantageous fashion for generating metrics and operational feeds in support of contact centre management and operations.

The core function required of CTI Expert is to generate a single unified log of each individual telephone call into a contact center, along with data that gets attached to it through the contact centre processes.

The core business benefit of such a log is a substantial improvement in the metrics available on contact center operations, empowering contact centre management and operations. Further business benefits accrue from the improved audit and root cause analysis of individual calls.

The organization of information which unites and isolates all available data about a single call allows a thorough understanding of each call for a multitude of purposes. Such understanding cannot be gained from systems which structure information by separately rolling up partial information (eg technology-specific information) across multiple calls.

First-level functions of CTI Expert can include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of all information about each single event during any call to a single record
  • Grouping together all the records pertaining to any single call
  • Time-sequencing the records of each call
  • Reformatting the presentation of the log of each call in many different ways, for many different consumers with many different interests.