CR-X Fraud Pre-Processing

The CR-X Fraud Detection pre-processing system provides a wide range of complementary functionality and interfacing between major telecommunications, utilities and financial institutions live systems and industry standard fraud detection analytics modeling systems. This functionality is provided on low-cost platforms capable of handling billions of daily rated call records with 24×7 availability and high reliability. CR-X is well architected to provide a diverse range of functions whilst handling the extreme transaction volumes encountered in Tier 1 Telcos, Banks & Energy Companies.

Input Filtering, Reformatting and Enhancement

The CR-X Fraud Pre-Processing system filters call transactions from fixed and mobile rating engines and utility usage feeds and filters customer details from billing systems and financial systems. All data loaded into the pre-processor is accepted and re-formatted, thereby removing the need for core billing system changes when new fraudulent behavior is detected. This functionality updates tables to assist with re-formatting and is capable of on-the-fly record enhancement (e.g. attaching customer details) from massive, in-memory table references. Temporary storage of all data is supported in case it is required due to downstream system failure.

Real-Time New Account Processing

CR-X Fraud Pre-Processing is able to implement ‘fast path’ processing for additions, modifications and deletions of customer account details to ensure that downstream fraud detection processing is not constrained by out-of-date reference data.

Fraud Analysis Transaction Flow Control and Threshold

CR-X is able to manage the transaction load on fraud detection systems by dynamically withholding low-risk call transactions. These restraints can be lifted when certain business-defined thresholds of cost, quantity or frequency are breached. Once thresholds are passed, withheld calls and other transactions can be resubmitted into the fraud analysis stream.

Future-Proofing Interfaces

Using its powerful file interfacing and conversion functionality, CR-X is able to interface to a diverse range of record types, converting them into a standard form for fraud analysis. Using this approach minimizes any delays and costs incurred by having to make changes in either the core billing or fraud detection platforms.

As new products-are released, fraudsters adjust their behavior to exploit the situation. CR-X can be rapidly adapted, with new business rules, to block and detect this opportunistic behavior.

CR-X has a storage and analysis facility that allows transactions, not currently used for fraud risk indicators, to be analyzed for future inclusion.

Fraud Relationship Analysis Data Store

CR-X can also provide a low-cost, high-performance repository for all transaction and customer records processed from the Billing feed. This functionality can support numerous forensic requirements in the Fraud / Revenue Assurance domains.

CR-X Revenue Assurance

Studies estimate that over 12% of revenue is never collected due to leakage. CR-X audits 100% of the data, a fact that no other competitor can claim.

In the telecommunications industry the storage and retrieval of Call Detail Records (CDRs) is vital to supporting billing disputes, reconciliations, and financial analysis, network optimization and revenue assurance. But it is even more important to match raw switch data with your CDR repository. CR-X can audit the data to ensure that all billable network events have transformed their way to CDRs during mediation, mediated CDRs have been rated and billed (correctly) and all charges have made their way to the customer’s invoice.

In other industries such as utilities with smart meters and the financial services industry handling large volume transactions, CR-X is similarly suitable.

The extreme processing speed, ease of configuration and broad operational support make CR-X ideal for Revenue Assurance audit activity. CR-X emulates the business rules of core systems and provide 100% comparative audit of filtering, classification, conversion, rating and aggregation business rules.

Revenue Assurance Audit Examples

  • Network Traceability – auditing the conversion of all network traffic to billing call records
  • Interconnect Reconciliation – validating both the costs and revenue sides of interconnect traffic
  • Prepaid End-to-End Accounting – a complete end-to-end audit of call costs, recharge, plan changes and balances
  • Fixed, Mobile, Broadband and Content Rating – validation of the accuracy of hundreds of concurrent pricing plans
  • Network End-to-end Audit

CR-X readily provides all the functionality required to perform regulatory compliance checking of combined network and business systems such as:

  • Call Transaction Capture
  • Call Date Stamping
  • Call Duration
  • Pre Bill Comparison
  • Post Bill Comparison
  • CR-X includes the ability to read and interpret raw switch data and SS7 signaling messages

Fraud and Revenue Assurance Performance Reporting

The interfacing into all rated transactions provides a high-quality source for timely summarization and reporting on revenue flows, volumes and product performance. These figures from CR-X can normally be supplied well in advance of equivalent metrics sourced via conventional enterprise data warehousing. The timely nature can significantly reduce the reaction time when diagnosing rating, network, fraudulent behavior, lost transactions and other revenue impacting events.