CR-X, directly and through its partner channel, can support the initial development of Big Data integration. CR-X can help you establish a project team, which will plan, initiate, control and successfully demonstrate a compelling return on investment. CR-X and its partners can complement your own team and provide rapid knowledge transfer.

The following table outlines a selection of enterprise consulting services available from CR-X. Pricing is dependent on the scope of work. Contact your Account Manager for pricing. Duration of Service is dependent on the scope of work.

(Travel time and costs, accommodation, expenses and equipment rental (if applicable) will incur additional charges.)

Service Category Product Name Description
Business Analysis CR-X BA Interpreting a Business requirement into a CR-X Configuration-ready specification
Application Design and Implementation CR-X DEV Developing an operational CR-X configuration from a CR-X configuration specification
Architectural Evaluation CR-X AE Advice on an optimum CR-X architectural approach to meeting a particular business requirement.
High Performance Design CR-X HPD Advice on an optimum high performance CR-X configuration to meeting a demanding business requirement
CR-X Project Audit and QA CR-X QA Evaluating a 3rd party implementation for design quality and optimal performance capability.
CR-X Installation CR-X INS Advising, Configuring Installing and Testing CR-X implementations, on-site or remotely