Because the CR-X system is so flexible it allows us to offer full hosting at our central data center or in a mutually agreed ‘cloud’ facility, as an alternative to installation at your own premises.

This reduces reliance on your own in-house IT resources and also reduces the requirement for additional capital outlay. It provides a convenient monthly operating expenditure and an easily justified business case.

Operational benefits

  • Full management and backup of your individual Big Data enterprise solutions
  • Provision of reports and files in any desired output format
  • 24/7 access via an intuitive visual user interface
  • The ability to build new configurations, schedule projects and run reports from any desktop, anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Data secured at rest (256-bit encryption) and in-flight (128-bit SSL encryption)
  • Create multiple storage accounts, each with its own administrative password, allowing the creation of isolated file stores
  • Ability to set storage quotas and control sub-administrator access on a per-account basis
  • Each account can be configured to store in multiples of 5TB of data