Just as building architectures are best envisioned in terms of a number of complementary views or models, so too are software architectures. In particular, structural views help document and communicate the architecture in terms of the components and their relationships, and are useful in assessing architectural qualities like extensibility.

Because CR-X configurations are so rapid to develop, handle masses of data and typically interact with dozens of upstream and downstream sources and systems, a well-defined architecture is a key element in a successful CR-X installation.

CR-X and its partners can prepare a design that addresses your functional, technical and performance needs. We undertake the following project elements:

  • Business Analysis: Interpreting business requirements into a CR-X configuration-ready specification
  • Architectural Evaluation: Advice on an optimum CR-X architectural approach to meet the unique business requirements
  • High Performance Design: Advice on an optimum high performance CR-X configuration to meet demanding business requirement conditions.