CR-X has an unrivalled reputation for reliability

Minimal low-cost commodity x86 hardware investment further adds to the typically low ongoing maintenance fees. The Java platform also makes this high-performance and user-friendly technology, the most financially accessible on the market.

If technical support is required, you can expect the level of response in-line with the world’s fastest data integration solution.

Annual Maintenance Fees includes right to request free upgrades to latest version of CR-X and the cost of provision of technical support services for the covered licenses.

The CR-X Technical Support Services include

Support is that service provided to a CR-X user that has a paid-up Maintenance Agreement. Support is defined as the rectification of, or advice regarding the behavior of the product solely when it does not conform (substantially) to the documentation. This includes (not exhaustive) crashes, hangs, illogical results, processing errors, inability to run, inability to meet any relevant product criteria agreed previously, such as performance milestones, etc.

Support is a problem substantially caused by perceived failures of the CR-X software, and does not include problems that are caused by the user’s lack of expertise with the product or environment, a request for information, advice on the use of the product, etc. Where this type of information is requested, the caller is informed of our charges prior to continuing the call, and asked for authorization to proceed with a chargeable service. The caller is also informed of our training courses and availability. The minimum charge unit for consulting of this nature is one hour.

Support is provided from CR-X offices via phone, fax and other forms of electronic communication. Onsite support is a chargeable service and is supplied as a Consulting Service.