The CR-X Training Centre provides a comprehensive range of standard or customized CR-X courses with highly qualified and specialized CR-X instructors. The range of CR-X courses covers all technical levels from end user and system administrator through to application developer plug-in levels.


Prerequisites: General knowledge of industry data formats (eg Telco: Phone switch data) plus a Working knowledge of spreadsheet designs

This course exposes the student to a wide range of CR-X features, with a focus on successfully developing a working project using CR-X.

Topics covered include CR-X Components, Project Development Lifecycle, CR-X Help, CR-X Servers, Data Management, CR-X Expressions, CR-X Tables, Task Management, Schedule Management, Monitoring Task Execution, Call Record Correction, User Access Control and Generating Documentation.


Prerequisites: CR-X Introductory Course plus Operating System familiarity and Power Spreadsheet skills.

This course builds on the CR-X Introductory Course, with a focus on advanced development techniques and deployment of CR-X into production.

Topics covered include data transformation techniques, Installing Single and Distributed CR-X Systems, CR-X Registry, Project Management, Wild carded and Sequenced file naming, CR-X Command Line Tools.

*Travel time and costs, accommodation, expenses and equipment rental (if applicable) are not included. On-site training at the customer’s premises may result in additional freight charges.

CR-X also provides a broad range of standard or customized CR-X courses, covering all technical levels from end user to project configuration.

Course Name Class size minimum Duration Price
CR-X Introductory 4 students 2 days $500/student day
CR-X Advanced 4 students 3 days $750/student day

*Minimum students per course or otherwise by arrangement