What is CR-X?

Data transformation to drive better business

The CR-X engine is the hub for future-focused, data-driven organizations – capable of processing over 100,000 mixed format records per second, per core. CR-X is recognized as the world’s fastest data integration engine.

CR-X is easily scalable – just add more cores or more CPUs to distribute your processing to achieve even faster throughput. This reliable, scalable technology guarantees real-time access to information providing insights most relevant to your business. What really sets CR-X apart is how it cost-effectively manages data transformations. This is the reason why leading telecommunications, finance, health, utility and transport industries consider CR-X to be the change maker in Big Data integration.

Effortless integration of big data in real-time

CR-X collects, transforms and then transports massive volumes of enterprise data in real-time, into down-stream applications, data repositories, analytics engines and visualization tools.

Our Big Data Integration Engine is a data scientist’s best friend. CR-X allows data scientists to effortlessly reach out to a myriad of data sources both within their own organisation and outside in the general public information realm. They can configure a CR-X data connector within minutes to harvest this information and more importantly filter and cleanse the data as they ingest it into their favorite data repository, be it Hadoop or any other of the popular proprietary or open source database environments (Mongo, Cassandra, Postgres or even Oracle and Microsoft).

CR-X collects, digests and transforms massive volumes of enterprise and public data and then inserts it into downstream applications, data repositories and analytics engines, making the data scientist’s job a whole lot easier and efficient.


When and where to use CR-X?

The flexible structure of CR-X allows it to be effectively and competitively applied to a diverse range of tasks:

Data Migration

The purpose of data migration is to transfer existing data to a new environment. It needs to be transformed to a format suitable for the new system, while preserving the information present in the old system. CR-X acts as middleware continuing to supply the old system and at the same time transforming data for the new system. When the time is right, the old feeds can be switched off with no impact to the new system.

Data Synchronization

The purpose of data synchronization is to maintain the consistency of data contained in several applications, databases or systems. Many cases exist in information systems where data is managed separately by multiple applications or databases. The need for data synchronization can either be permanent (synchronization between operational systems), or temporary (for example during a migration). CR-X can be located early in the data stream to ensure all downstream systems receive their data to meet deadlines.


Why CR-X?

What really sets CR-X apart is how cost-effectively it manages data transformations

Core Strengths

  • • Unique in-memory streaming technology
  • • No underlying database is required
  • • Performs at extreme speed
  • • Accesses your data directly (no pre-processing required)
  • • Runs on affordable commodity hardware and operating systems
  • • Easily scalable technology - just add more cores and CPUs
  • • Deciphers non-conventional data format (e.g. ASN-1, HL7, HTML, HTTP(S), XML, Binary, BCD, EBCDIC, UTF 8, 16, 32, Unicode and Zip)
  • • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • • Self-documenting, embedded project management, version control, self-contained job scheduler and run time statistics with audit trails

Main Features

  • • Runs on simple, low cost commodity server & desktop x86 hardware
  • • Operating system independent (Open standards)
  • • Handles extremely large file sizes & volumes – processes compressed files
  • • Handles files with varying record types
  • • Deciphers non-conventional data formats – structured & non-structured
  • • Does not require an underlying database to support processing
  • • Provides ultra fast real-time & batch speeds – no latency 100-1000x faster
  • • Converts field and file formats in memory
  • • Self-documenting, simple to install, learn & use
  • • Embedded project management & version control
  • • Self-contained job scheduler and statistics server