The Data Scientist’s best friend

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July 17, 2018
Using Big Data to monitor customer experience
July 18, 2018

The Data Scientist’s best friend

What is it that makes a data scientist a data scientist?
Lots of clean rich data. It’s their stock in trade. Data scientists bring a unique and exceptionally valuable set of skills to the table in the areas of marketing, forecasting, risk analysis and customer behaviour analysis – just to name a few. Data scientists blend the art and science behind big data to give organisations what they want and more importantly – what they need: insights, solutions and recommended actions.

However, according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute these key people are hard to find. The study found that the United States alone is running a deficit of 1.5 million data analysts and managers; due to the fact that the demand for data experts is growing at the same rate – if not faster – than the data itself which suggests that data scientists are, and will remain, in short supply.

Another worrying factor is that most of these data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning data, and a majority of their remaining time searching and securing it. This means that very little time is left to do their real job which is needed the most: to be experts in both statistical analysis of big data and interpreting and communicating findings!

Consequently most companies today still aren’t able to take advantage of all the information they’ve got on hand, resulting in terabytes worth of information being underutilised.

Introducing CR-X
This is why the CR-X Big Data Integration Engine is a data scientist’s best friend. CR-X allows the data scientist to effortlessly reach out to a myriad of data sources both within their own organisation and outside in the general public information realm. They can configure a CR-X data connector within minutes to harvest this information and more importantly filter and cleanse the data as they ingest it into their favorite data repository, be it Hadoop or any other of the popular proprietary or open source database environments (Mongo, Cassandra, Postgres or even Oracle and Microsoft).

CR-X collects, digests and transforms massive volumes of enterprise and public data and then inserts it into downstream applications, data repositories and analytics engines, making the data scientist’s job a whole lot easier and efficient.

CR-X integrates big data:

In any system in any format (structured or un-structured)
At extreme speed (over 100,000 records per second per core) with effortless simplicity
In real-time or in batch
On affordable commodity hardware and operating systems (runs pure java in run time)
CR-X lends itself to the massive volumes of data in everyday business applications in a multitude of industries and is an integral component of big data warehousing and analytics.

CR-X has a proven track record in saving companies time, money and resources by maximising the full potential of any company’s data, so contact us today to find out more.